In the world of rentals- Why us?

“I don’t know how long I am going to stay here!” — a millennial issue, which has only become intense with increasing urban mobility. With minimalistic being the new-age mantra, rooting has become almost obsolete and bulky furniture rendered totally old fashioned.

Alas, furniture, like gadgets, is a necessary devil — however, sleeker the better. But only if they could have saved you of the hassles of buying and reselling, right?

Renting — the ideal win-win solution for all problems — but only if it suits your needs and meets your budget.

We, at Sculpt, understand and appreciate your need for design, aesthetically-appealing ambient-creating furniture that will fill your vacant spaces without burning holes in your pockets. Stop fretting and start living better now with our custom work to short term/long term rental solutions. We fill homes and cater to events and corporate sectors too — curating spaces with furniture that will add zing to all your dos.